What should I bring?
Bring a bathing suit, towels, sunscreen, hats and something warm to change into (depending on the weather).

Do I need my own equipment?
Your water ski lesson includes the use of club equipment. We have a range of skis and vests to suit kids, women and men of all sizes and abilities.

When should I arrive for my lesson?
Arrive for your water ski lesson approximately ½ hour before your allotted time. This will allow you to meet your instructors, get changed and get fitted for your vest and skis.

What will my beginner lesson be like?
Skiers will spend time with the instructors before getting in the water learning hand signals and basic safety. Dry land instruction includes drills to learn proper body position and tips to get you up on the water on skis. From there we move to the on water portion of the lesson which includes a driver and an instructor in the boat. Once the skier is in the water, they will repeat all the steps they learned on land to get them up on the water and skiing.

Will I be able to ski on my first lesson?
There is a very good chance that you will! With the help of our expert instructors, about 90% of beginners will get up on skis during their first lesson.

What is the minimum age for children to try water skiing?
It depends a lot on the child, but in general I would say that 5 years old would be the minimum. I find the most important thing with kids is that they need to feel comfortable in the water in order to succeed in getting up on skis.