The T’s Pond Experience

Our enthusiastic and friendly instructors do their utmost to make all our guests feel welcome, comfortable and safe while at the facility and during their lesson. Our goal is for each participant to enjoy themselves, to finish with a sense of achievement and to hopefully come back for more fun on the water!

Because T’s Pond is a small, private lake with only one boat on the water at a time, unlike public waterways where water skiers have to contend with other boat traffic, the Greater Niagara Water Ski Club can provide the best conditions for learning to ski or training to be a competitive water skier.

Great water ski conditions

T’s pond is fortunate to run in a north/south direction so skiers don’t have to worry about afternoon sun glare. It is also fairly protected from the wind by trees and a berm so it is almost always skiable.

Great facilities

In addition to its world class water skiing, T’s pond has a small beach, a hot tub and sauna, a trampoline and a beautiful dock and pavilion to lounge around on while visiting the site.